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The types of robots

Robotics applied in all industries around the world. At the moment there are a lot of robots, among which we can highlight certain criteria: for military purposes, for law enforcement, space exploration, etc.

Of the latest innovations, which introduced robotics was "Rovers", NASA's Mars Rover, the robot patient's dentistry and many others. Consider the main novelties of the robots presented in comparatively recent times. A mechanical arm that developed by the military in order to neutralize explosive devices. The Creator of this robot is a company in Central England under the name of "rich Walker".

A doctor by profession dentist demonstrates to the public the preparation procedure by new humanoid robot named Hanako. This robot was developed by local engineers from the University. This machine is designed for experiments and learning in an environment that was, to the maximum extent close to the real one. Currently, the robot exists in a single version and used only by students of the University of Tokyo. Honako equipped with plastic teeth and mouth as close as possible to the human. In addition, Honako there are gums and analogous to the saliva. Thus, it is not just a mannequin or a doll, and the creation of an environment that is as realistic as possible.

Android robot from South Korea. The robot is called eve. Android takes part in the musical concerts which are held in Korea. Externally eve looks pretty interesting, she dressed in national costume, singing and dancing, as well as to execute preprogrammed scenes.

Robocop, which aims to arrest criminals. Humanoid robot from Japan is also used in dentistry. Equipped with eyes and mouth, realistic cloth and different types of teeth. The robot "Big dog" is designed to assist military units in the technology transfer of large dimensions, as well as hike through the hills and slopes covered with snow.

One of the most interesting robots developed by experts from Japan, works in the store products to help customers. It can be seen in a supermarket in the West of the Japanese state. The machine greets customers at the entrance and follows them, besides helping to navigate the territory of big shops, take the goods and show the list of products. Their buyers are pre-loaded on the mobile phone.

Bomb disarming robot. Neutralize explosive ordnance. Machine weight about 10-20 pounds, but he's pretty flexible and comfortable to use. Hard to believe, but the robot is able to pack in a bag to the soldier!

And you know who opened the ceremony of the International exhibition dedicated to latest innovations of robotics in Tokyo? Answer a robot named Kawada. Currently actively create robots that perform many functions which are peculiar to man.

First of all, we are talking about robots machines that are programmed to perform a series of operations of a mechanical kind. But such manipulations from the aneroid require intellectual effort. In Thailand, a model was developed of robot guard. Running a car is with a password through the world wide web. The device is equipped with video cameras and tracking sensors, touch devices that can respond to the material objects in the moving condition. Additionally the robot is equipped with firearms of the type which can be used if needed.


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