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Vehicles of the future Part 1

Modern cars surprise with the presence of heated seats or built-in dispenser with ice. But in fact it is quite small improvements but in the near future we may see much more significant changes in the world of transport.

Humanity has long been engaged in the exploration and development of new fuel sources not century the Arabs to buy oil. Although electric cars and hybrids are gaining popularity, their high cost is a major deterrent to the world the triumph of ecology.

The engines on compressed air in comparison with electric motors, have several advantages: they are cheaper, less toxic for disposal than batteries, have a lower cost and a more modest weight. The only problem is that in order to work the motor, all I need is electricity. So that compressed air anyway have to convert into electricity. This indirect use of energy has low efficiency and is a significant disadvantage.


The movie "Back to the future" for many reasons cling to the imagination of a child. And hoverboard is one of them. Recently the engineers at Lexus have managed to realize a childhood dream into a reality by building a working prototype of the hoverboard. The device hovers above the ground through the use of powerful magnets and superconductors. "Smoke", which can be seen in the photo is liquid nitrogen used for cooling super protonic (a good special effect). However, while the Board can move only on a special metallic surface a test area for testing was built in Barcelona.

Personal helicopter

Professor Henry Bulthaup for several years engaged in the MyCopter project. This project aims to create simple and agile helicopters that can become a public mode of transport. This device must be operated as easy as a car. The height of the flight must be sufficient to not interfere with surface transport, and not too high so as not to create difficulties for aviation. The initial stage of the project is almost complete, so you can start putting money aside for the purchase of the helicopter.

Unmanned vehicle

Once we talked about how the Autonomous car will change the world. Of course, not everyone will want to leave the possibility of independent driving, but underestimate the number of challenges that will straighten out the car without a driver. Moreover, Google already this summer, will hold the next stage of testing their independent cars on public roads.

The first models have a safe speed limit to 40 km/h and an emergency stop button and no steering wheel or pedals. So now drunk and inept drivers will not be able to run into pedestrians, and people with disabilities will gain independence. And, you can use the time normally spend driving to post new pictures to my Instagram or select the status in the VC.

The plane, operated by power of thought

If you do not like the passive role of a passenger, the mentally-controlled aircraft will be most welcome. Especially if you are too lazy to move my arms we're not in the stone age, right? So rejoice the European Union is funding another Aero-project: BrainFlight. The essence of the project is to simplify control of the aircraft the pilot enough mentally to give the command "left" or "right" to direct the aircraft.

Such technologies are not something fantastic: test pilots during the flight were connected to the EEG, which allowed to record the electrical signals of the brain while performing various actions. Then these signals were processed by a special device called "computer" as a result of people connected to EEG and the computer responding to familiar signals, controls the plane.


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